Verruca Removal Newton Abbot

Equipped with years of experience in the medical industry, The Foot Man can quickly identify and solve conditions for foot disorders. We are extremely proud to offer microwave verruca therapy to our patients. Specifically, we are licensed for the use of Swift’s microwave therapy for verruca removal. This treatment battles lesions that are unable to react to traditional treatment, offering an effective solution where other methods fail. To book an appointment for microwave verruca therapy in Newton Abbot, please contact us.

Microwave Verruca Therapy

Verrucas are a strain of the HPV virus. A large percentage of the human population is exposed to the virus during their lifetime. It is a virus which invades the skin causing lesions such as verrucas and warts to form. Developed in the UK, Swift’s microwave verruca therapy is a revolutionary treatment for verrucas. At our Newton Abbot foot clinic, we welcome patients with stubborn skin lesions to try out this new and effective practice.

Roald may start by removing the verruca, which is often classified as a ‘cauliflower’ because of its appearance. Next, he will use microwave therapy to prevent the verruca from returning. Using a precise and controlled dose of energy, the laser will probe the affected area of skin for two or three seconds. This thermal shock localises the infected tissue and releases the necessary proteins. Once the laser recognises the virus, it begins to eradicate it. The pain levels vary depending on the person, but it is no different from an injection or fresh scratch.

Most importantly, microwave verruca therapy will not prevent you from performing daily activities. This is because the healing begins immediately after the microwave treatment. In some cases, patients may need more than one treatment, however, we will be able to discuss this with you during your first consultation. Book yours today for expert advice, care and solutions.

Contact The Foot Man Newton Abbot

Contact The Foot Man to book a consultation for verruca removal in Newton Abbot. If during your consultation we approve microwave laser therapy as an alternative treatment for verrucas, the treatment can begin immediately. So, if you have been struggling to battle verrucas on your feet book your consultation with us today.