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At our foot clinic in Newton Abbot, we carry out treatment for corns, also known as helomas. When the normal physiological flow in your feet becomes disrupted, predominantly from poorly fitting shoes (high heels especially), it is common for corns to develop. Foot corns are essentially calluses of dead skin. Often, when shoes are too tight your feet begin to compress until a lesion develops. On the other hand, when they are too loose, the increased friction from walking can form foot corns. The cells in your skin squeeze against resistant tissues when they are under too much pressure, so it is significant to make sure you are wearing the correct shoes. It is also important to be aware that some foot corns differentiate in appearance and size. Therefore, the correct treatment will depend on varying factors. If you require corn treatment in Newton Abbot, contact our helpful team to arrange an appointment.


Corns can develop in anyone and are usually harmless unless you suffer from bad circulation or diabetes. Our feet experience a great amount of pressure. Feet are not invincible, despite how much they can withstand. In fact, they are extremely sensitive. Thankfully, we have the correct knowledge and equipment to perform effective treatments on helomas. There are five types of corns on feet that can occur, each with different procedures for removal:

  • Hard corns (small, hard and dense areas of skin usually around the toes).
  • Soft corns (rubbery and soft textured with a white/grey appearance).
  • Seed corns (small in size and typically found on the soles of the feet).
  • Subungual corns (situated under the toenails).
  • Neurovascular corns (with blood vessels and nerves inside of them).

Helomas can differentiate in appearance, some becoming increasingly painful or infected. Contact our branch and we will get you booked in for a consultation promptly.

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Rather than trying to ignore the problem or solve it yourself, contact our clinic today for a check-up. If you have foot corns, you will receive effective treatment promptly. Roald is highly skilled and reputable, so book your consultation for corn treatment in Newton Abbot today.