Verruca Treatment Newton Abbot

At our foot clinic, we offer effective verruca treatment in Newton Abbot, so if you are suffering from verrucas, contact us to arrange an appointment. Verrucas are small rough lumps, also known as plantar warts, that grow on the soles of your feet, sometimes in clusters, ranging from the size of a pinprick to 1 cm. Although they may feel uncomfortable or painful, verrucas are not generally a cause for concern. It is extremely rare for complications to occur, however, the discomfort can take a toll on performing daily routines. Although verrucas can disappear on their own over time, we recommend treatment or removal for healthy feet.

Verruca Causes

Verrucas can be an unpleasant, yet harmless disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV); a virus many individuals will come into contact with at some point in their lives. There are numerous strains of the virus, however, type 1 and 2 of HPV is the common cause for verrucas or plantar warts. The virus typically invades the human body through person-to-person contact or open wounds in the skin, however, many individuals may not know they have it. Verrucas can take several weeks, months or years to appear and sometimes can take a psychological toll on people. It is advised that when you visit communal facilities, such as swimming pools, to keep your feet covered. This will ensure you’re protected from coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Best Verruca Treatment

Treatment for verrucas isn’t always necessary. Often, our immune systems will clear up the virus on its own. However, our clinic can offer the best verruca treatment if you are experiencing pain from verrucas or are immunocompromised. As experts in foot care, we recommend against treating a painful verruca at home. This is especially because you could misdiagnose. There are numerous conditions that appear similar to verrucas such as corns, calluses, actinic keratosis, lichen planus and seborrheic keratosis. Therefore, we advise visiting our clinic for a professional diagnosis.

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At The Foot Man, we have the knowledge, equipment and skills to treat verrucas effectively. We welcome new clients from Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas. So, book verruca treatment in Newton Abbot with us for utmost professionalism and treatment.