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The Foot Man is a leading foot clinic in Newton Abbot. As a proud and professional family-run business we have been delivering professional foot care for many years. We take great pride in what we have to offer to our patients, with numerous effective treatments and solutions with high success rates.

Roald & Louise Holland

Roald holds many qualifications from accredited medical institutions. His extensive education and training has provided him with in-depth knowledge of foot anatomy and foot care. He knows how important it is to take care of your feet for productivity and quality of life. So, register at our clinic today for a professional, friendly and caring experience. Every step counts.

Louise is Roald’s long term partner. Louise’s previously worked in veterinary for 15 plus years. She started studying to be a foot health practitioner in lockdown and has been fully qualified since April 2022. Louise has also completed other courses; wet/dry nail painting manicure and pedicures, so she is able to paint clients nails as well as sorting out any other issues. And therapeutic Kart peel for server dry skin, With the two of them available, The Foot Man and The Foot Lady are now able to offer home visits in Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas.

Young woman suffering from pain in foot at home, closeup

Foot Care

We care for your feet just as much as you should. Without them, where would you be? When an ailment occurs, it is difficult to do something as simple as going up and down the stairs. Seeing a foot specialist is just as important as seeing a doctor or dentist. To prevent problems in the future and maintain your mobility and independence, contact us for a professional consultation on foot care.

Female hand tightening its foot with calluses and warts

Foot Corns

Are you concerned you have foot corns? It can be difficult to determine if you do or not. There are a variety of treatments available on the market, which you can buy from your local pharmacy, however, corns can be easily misdiagnosed. Register at The Foot Man for specialist advice and a thorough assessment. We will provide you with the best treatment in South Devon for corns.

Young woman suffering from pain in foot at home, closeup

Foot Pain

Foot pain is bothersome and can have both a physical and psychological affect. We can identify the causes of foot pain, recognising underlying issues before they worsen. Prevention is better than a cure, so to find out how we can help, just give us a call.

Close-up Of Sore Toe Nail

Ingrown Toenails

Having ingrown toenails can spark emotions of embarrassment and discomfort. They are unsightly, but thankfully a condition that can be fixed promptly and permanently. Read more of our expert advice on ingrown toenails to avoid serious complications in the future. Alternatively, contact our Newton Abbot clinic at your earliest convenience.
Verruca on hand, wart freeze concept, selective focus

Verruca Treatment

We have the facilities to examine and treat stubborn verrucas. From traditional verruca treatment to modern-day breakthrough laser therapies. Rest assured, we have the equipment to eradicate and prevent the return of verrucas for your peace of mind. So, get in touch with our clinic today to book your assessment.
low level laser therapy device placed onto foot

Laser Treatment

The Foot Man is extremely proud to offer clients state-of-the-art laser technologies. Laser treatments aid a variety of skin conditions and infections and have proven results in reducing pain and inflammation. Moreover, we use low-level laser therapy which is just as effective but less painful and less hassle. If this sparks interest and you would like to see if you qualify, contact our friendly reception staff.

foot device

Verruca Removal

Among our numerous treatments for verruca removal, we also offer microwave verruca therapy using revolutionary technology created by Swift. This alternative therapy is especially for verrucas that just will not go away, offering a hassle-free, long-term solution. We understand the impact verrucas can have, we do not want you to feel like you have to wear socks 24/7. So, please contact us for more information.

Nail figure, ingrown nail, onychocryptosis. toenail clamp on an ingrown toenail

Alternative Therapies

From nail reconstruction and correction to toenail removal and custom orthotics, we have alternative therapies to help battle stubborn conditions. Our clinic has all the equipment necessary to perform these alternative treatments to help make your feet look and feel beautiful again. So, speak with a member of our team today to book your consultation.

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