Alternative Foot Therapies

In our years as an established foot clinic, we have worked with numerous foot conditions, providing many successful solutions and treatments. However, we do offer alternative therapies such as custom orthotics, toenail reconstruction and correction and nail braces. Please give us a call if you are interested in booking an appointment to discuss our alternative foot therapies in Newton Abbot. We will book a consultation to examine your problem and find the best solution.


It is important to take care of our feet, even when they look and feel completely healthy. We put extensive pressure on our feet each day, so when a condition develops, it truly can change your life. To aid pain and discomfort, our clinic offers custom orthotics. These are specialist inserts that are placed into shoes to help reposition the foot for correct foot alignment and biomechanics.

We tailor custom orthotics to the size and shape of your foot. They are lightweight and are made from a polymer composite material. Durable and flexible, the orthotics we design for you will guide you back to your natural movement and help alleviate pain when back on your feet.

Benefits of Wilde-Pedique Toenail Treatment

The key benefits of the Wilde-Pedique toenail treatment procedure include:

So, to have your toenails completely renewed, contact The Foot Man for an assessment.

Nail figure, ingrown nail, onychocryptosis. toenail clamp on an ingrown toenail

Nail Braces

Sufferers of ingrown toenails can often benefit from toenail braces. The toenail braces correct the nail curvature and can help overcome future problems with ingrown toenails.

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