Foot Pain Treatment Newton Abbot

If you are suffering from painful feet, then contact The Foot Man for foot pain treatment in Newton Abbot. Many individuals neglect taking care of their feet and likely only take note of their wellbeing once an ailment occurs. When this happens, most cases prevent people from going about their day-to-day routine; experiencing disruption until the foot has healed. To avoid this, we recommend regular check-ups to prevent foot pain, problems and disorders. However, we have regularly consulted with patients who only get their feet checked when a problem has already arisen. Prevention is always better than months of recovery. As expert foot specialists, we will detail the common variations of foot disorders, how we diagnose and what can be done to provide relief.

Foot Pain Diagnosis

For foot pain diagnosis, we have the expertise to identify underlying issues before they worsen. The Foot Man has equipment for both modern and traditional treatment to aid foot pain. At your first consultation, we follow a specific procedure so we can identify the source of the pain. Firstly, we will ask you where you are experiencing pain. Following this, we will then perform a visual examination, gently feel the area to monitor blood circulation and will ask you to walk around. If we feel the need for further investigation, we may refer you through the correct pathways for additional tests. These will be performed through your usual healthcare service and could include image testing (X-rays, ultrasounds, bone and CT scans), and blood tests to detect infections, inflammatory or autoimmune disorders. Once the issue has been diagnosed, we can recommend an effective treatment plan.

Fortunately, we have extensive experience in foot care and offer a wide range of expertise. This includes orthotics, diabetes, dermatology, circulatory conditions, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, geriatric and paediatric care, neurological foot conditions and more. Be rest assured you will be in good hands with The Foot Man.

Experiencing Foot Pain? Contact The Foot Man to Arrange an Appointment

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, then contact The Foot Man for foot pain treatment in Newton Abbot. The Foot Man will help you get back on your feet.